Nutritional consultations

One-on-one consultations are available by appointment.

The initial consultation consists of two sessions. Cost is $ 150 + HST. It includes:

  • ‘Getting to know you and your nutritional concerns’ meeting (1 hour)

This session is all about you, your health concerns, your lifestyle, your health goals. You will have answered a questionnaire prior to this meeting and we will discuss your concerns in more detail. We will evaluate your 5 day food log and address your food intake and make recommendations.

  • Here’s the plan‘ meeting (45 minutes)

The second session will be booked a week after the initial consultation. Here you will get a detailed feedback on the results of your questionnaire. Dietary recommendations customized to your needs will be provided. Supplements, if required, will be suggested at this time. Menu plans and grocery tours can be provided if required. Please check the Services button for options and plans.


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