• 4 slices of whole grain bread with crusts removed
  • 100 g cream cheese at room temperature
  • 2 Tbsp strawberry jam (or jam of choice)


  • Cut the crusts off all four slices of bread
  • Lay two slices side by side, slightly overlapping on the sides
  • Using a rolling pin flatten the slices of bread
  • You end up with one flat slice of bread
  • Using a spatula mix the cream cheese and jam together (make sure the cream cheese is at room temperature as cold cheese will not mix easily)
  • Spread the cream cheese and jam mixture on the slice of bread and roll into a log
  • Wrap in plastic wrap which will help to hold the shape and allows the cheese to firm up to make cutting easier
  • Refrigerate for 1/2 an hour or longer. Remove the plastic wrap and cut into pin wheels
  • Serve with carrot sticks or celery

Additional Tips:

  • You can make more of the cheese mixture and keep it on hand to save time
  • If nut allergies are not an issue try this with almond, pumpkin seed or peanut butter
  • An alternative to nut butter is sunbutter made with sunflower seeds or soybutter